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Pianos tend to go out of tune due to the following factors:
  • Humidity changes
  • Temperature changes
  • Piano playing
  • A new piano
It is very important to have your piano tuned every 6 months in order to keep it in good working order. Contact Alun Evans today to discuss your piano tuning needs.
It is very important to have your piano tuned every 6 months. Our returning customers receive a discount, contact Alun Evans today for a professional piano servicing.
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Here are the main types of tuning for a piano:
  • Fine-tuning
  • Rough & fine-tuning
  • Raising or lowering pitch

This type of tuning is where the tuning pins only need a slight adjustment to put the piano in tune. The procedure is usually carried out within the space of an hour.

A fine tuning is performed when the piano is tuned at regular intervals of around 4-6 months. This is the preferred way of having your piano tuned as we would not have to turn the pins very far. This means the piano will stay in tune much better than if it were left a long time.

Rough & fine-tuning:

This type of tuning is necessary when a piano has been neglected. This will require me to tune the piano twice before a quality tuning can be achieved. The first rough tuning prepares the piano for the second fine tuning.

Pitch raising or lowering:

This service is required when your piano is at a different pitch to the A440 British Standard Pitch. The procedure for either a pitch raising or pitch lowering is very like a rough and fine-tuning in that it requires two tunings to achieve a decent result. 

In addition to the double tuning, which is normally done in one session, it is highly recommended that the piano be tuned again in a month's time. 

This will help settle the piano and achieve a quality tuning. It is very important to have the piano regularly tuned from this point to ensure that the pitch does not drift too much to make it necessary for another pitch raising or lowering.
A new piano
Piano in a home


Here are some suggestions on piano care. It is very important to position your piano correctly within your home. Make sure to position your piano:
  • Against an inside wall
  • Away from windows
  • Away from radiators or other heat sources
  • Not in direct sunlight
Central heating and damp conditions can also damage your piano. If you have central heating in the room where the piano is positioned, seek my advice.

If your piano requires a cleaning, please contact me to discuss the service you require. 
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